Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You Make Excuses For Not Having Enough Money…?

Have you ever read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill? This book was written back in the early 1900's and reprinted over and over again with millions of these books in print. If you haven't read this book you should do so! In a nutshell Napoleon Hill met Andrew Carnegie and asked him how he got so rich? [At the time Carnegie was the richest man in the world.] Carnegie met with Hill and shared his secrets with him, then gave him letters of introductions to 500 of the wealthiest people in the world and Hill met with them and interviewed them. He put all the information in the single book "Think and Grow Rich" which has stood the test of time. Even today people are still reading and putting the principals into practice. Much wealth has been created by reading this book.

In his book he talks about 55 reasons why people don't become wealthy and this series of emails will address them. These reasons are designed to direct you to a revolutionary new business model that is taken the business world by storm. You can find out about it at http://networkmarketingparadigmgroup.com and sign up for an online meeting where you will listen to the creator of http://networkmarketingparadigmgroup.comtalk about this business model. The model is backed by a substantial company that has put together a business model that allows the "Little Guy" to acquire wealth. You see this model is the development of years of searching for a structure that would allow anyone to enter into a business and have success eminent without having to make cold calls, purchase awful leads, and beg people to come to a business that has no appeal. This model has answered the question of "Why can't I become wealthy, I work hard enough?"

Most business models are designed to assist and make the company wealthier and the person who is doing all the work gets the crumbs. This Network Marketing Paradigm Group model puts the worker at the top of the model right from the start. The model is based on buying customers and not leads. No longer do you have to worry about whether you are prospecting properly or not. You don't have to do it anymore! All you have to do is purchase customers that are already sold. Your customers are yours for life.

Now let's take one of the 55 reasons that people don't become successful and see if you have ever used it. "If I had enough money…..." How many times have you said this? People get in their own way. Put it in perspective: if you had to come up with a sizeable amount of money in an emergency situation you could do it. When you look to creating, starting or running a business you have to take an initial plunge to get it going but the rewards are extremely high. Even though joining http://networkmarketingparadigmgroup.com is not a major expense it is an expense but it comes with an army of people working together. Take a look at it... what do you have to lose?

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