Monday, November 17, 2008

Use B-12 and Energy now! For ALL Day Energy

Use B-12 and Energy now! For ALL Day Energy...

TriVita's unique 2-step combination of Vitamin B-12 and "Energy Now", will bring you a natural vitality that you can really feel. These are certainly premier products that are essential in today's lifestyle.

To break down the beneficial qualities of each, this is the 2-step breakdown:

Sublingual B-12 nourishes your brain and nervous system to help produce long lasting mental energy.

"Energy Now" delivers green tea concentrates and amino acids so you'll experience a lift of physical energy
that feels just right.

STEP 1: Get mental energy
Experience more focus, clarity and mental stamina. The vital nutrients in Sublingual B-12 boosts your mental energy in key areas, including improved focus, clarity, mood and memory. All you need to do is place a tablet under your tongue and B Vitamins will speed directly to your bloodstream.
TriVita's Original Sublingual B-12 is one of the company's Superior Products!

It's a unique, physician tested and approved blend containing the optimal balance of B Vitamins. This blend provides maximum absorption, using Dr. Alfred Libby's original, patented sublingual delivery system. It is nutrient-based with NO stimulants.

Sublingual B-12 is the every day, natural way to live with sustained mental energy.

STEP 2: Get Physical Energy quickly! Energy Now! will help you enjoy doing all the things you love to do. It's unique blend of nutirents includes: * CoQ-10 and Vitamins B-1, B-2 and B-2, which improve your body's ability to produce more energy.
* Natural anti-oxigen polyphenols, green tea and cocoa, which increase oxygen delivery and help maximize oxygen production. *Thiamine, which makes ATP, your body's main energy carrying molecule.

These nutrients will give you a physical burst of natural energy within minutes, and the best part is...NO JITTERS!

There are also 2 ways of ordering, you can either call TriVita at: 800.991.7116 please use this code: 11769664.
The second way is going to my websites indicated below! If ou have any questions, you can also call or email me using the
information below.

Don't drag yourself anymore - get UP and order your vitamin B-12 and Energy Now! products - you can thank me later ;)

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