Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If I could just find the right business opportunity...

How many times have you looked at starting a business but did not know where to start? How many times have you been approached by someone running an MLM business and did not know where to start? The beginning is always a good place!

Now I don't mean to be trite with that phrase, but most people want to start at the top and expect the results that come with people at the top. The only place to start is where you are now. But starting at the beginning comes with it an enormous amount of work and study to make sure that you fully understand and are able to run your new business or MLM opportunity. This is tiring enough just thinking about it, let alone doing it.

It doesn't have to be this way! Having to buy and call worthless leads is a dead end road. Nobody likes to call someone that they don't know or has not requested a callback. Most people operate from a position of call reluctance and do not want to make a phone call to someone they don't know. Therefore after exhausting all of the people that the new business owner knows they have no one to call unless they are skilled at getting referrals. A referral is nothing more than a friendly phone call.

No longer do you have to struggle in starting your new business or MLM opportunity. There is a new business model called The Network Marketing Paradigm Group which is taking the business community by storm. Now anyone can start their business without the struggle of purchasing leads that have been used over and over again, or having to call people that don't want to be called. This new business model focuses on buying customers.

Now what does this mean? The company simply does the advertising to the customer and sells the customer their products. Once the customer is buying the products then they sell the customer to the business affiliate who then receives the commissions from the customer for life. Now before you go off and try to find flaws in the system you should attend an online meeting and listen to how this magnificent model works. All you have to do is go to http://networkmarketingparadigmgroup.com and Sign-up for the online meeting. You will get an e-mail welcoming you to the meeting and giving you the times it is held. The schedule is below)

If you're looking to create an additional stream of revenue or to have this become your main stream of revenue you owe it to yourself to come and listen to what is said. If after listening you're interested please feel free to contact me and I will explain further how the system works.

Online Meetings on Thursday Evenings at: 10pm EST Saturdays at 1:00pm EST
Login at: http://nmpgroup.vereconference.org
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